Is Google Chrome slowly killing brand searches?

Ever since launching in late 2008, Google Chrome has slowly been growing to become the default browser for many, and in early 2016 Chrome was crowned the world’s most popular internet browser.
Chrome’s Omnibox feature was an instant hit with users and has established itself as the default navigational tool for many of us.
Let’s remind ourselves how this feature works. Using a fresh profile, the example below demonstrates a user looking to navigate to the BBC website.

Searching via the Google Chrome Omnibox
As there is no history associated with this account, upon hitting enter, Chrome will perform a Google search for ‘BBC’, bypassing the need to visit Google, but still performing a Google search.
With time, Google learns about a users habits and the Omnibox becomes more useful, presenting multiple options to the user. In the example below a wide range of BBC pages are displayed and if clicked, they take the user directly to the BBC website, bypassing Google completely.

Google Chrome Omnibox suggestions
Hands up if you do this? I certainly do. It saves time, reduces the need for bookmarks and generally makes browsing more efficient.

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